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We are a business that focuses on decorating your home with characteristics that describe you. We love to mix styles like modern and classic to make a design that compliments your lifestyle and interests. Stucco Atlanta LLC is a licensed and insured contractor that has an excellent reputation in Georgia. We use the latest products and materials to achieve your project. We offer free estimates and consultation for any project.


Stucco is one of the most durable material used since it's discovery back in Ancient Greece. It evolved over the years to a modern look and more durable material. There are two types of stucco synthetic (EIFS) and hard stucco. When the color is applied both types of stucco will look the same but there is a difference. EIFS is a soft one to two inches styrofoam with a thin coat of base-coat a fiberglass mash and finish coat on top. Hard stucco is made of cement, lime, sand and it's secured on a wire mash that is nailed to the wall and on top has the finish coat. Stucco repairs and installation is one of the most important investments a home owner or business can do.