Stucco and Finish Coat

Stucco can be applied to any surface, wall and ceiling. Two of the most popular finishes are acrylic based and natural color. Acrylic finish is a synthetic material with the color and texture mixed in. This type of finish coat will be and even and consistent color.  Natural finish is made with of cement and pigment to achieve the preferred color. This finish coat will be a sponge texture and have different color variations.

Repairs and Resurface

When cracks appear on walls and stucco trims a resurfacing process is applied. First we apply a base coat (a thin layer of cement paste), if needed a fiberglass mesh to cover all cracks and walls. After a few days we apply the finish coat that's an acrylic product that has the color and texture mixed in. offer a complete resurface and repair service. It's important to maintain and repair areas where damage occurs to prevent future problems.

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Trim Work and Columns

Stucco trims can be installed to decorate or renew the look of your house or business. Trims can be applied to fireplaces, windows, doors, dormers and chimneys. Columns can be square or round. Round columns can be regular, tapered or conic. There is a verity of column capitals to choose from; Corinthian, Roman Ionic, Tuscan and Scamozzi.